Waldorf Computer Systems, Inc.

119 19th Street, Suite 205 West Des Moines, Iowa 50265 Phone 515/225-2920 - FAX 515/225-7661

E-Mail bancado@bancado.com

Waldorf Computer Systems is the developer of BanCo-Op, formerly known as BANCADO, a complete bank software system which has been in use United Statesin banks throughout the since 1977. The system runs under Linux on standard Intel Pentium Computers and under AIX on IBM's RISC computers. The BanCo-op software includes modules for customer information, deposit accounts, certificates of deposit, installment loans, commercial loans, mortgage loans, general ledger, automated clearing house, safe deposit box billing, and a full-time voice response system for customer inquiries. The BANCADO software was purchased by a cooperative formed by users of the system and was renamed BanCo-op in 2014. If you would like more information about their products, please contact them at BanCo-op.com.

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The home pages of some of our favorite customers:

Corydon State Bank, Corydon, IA

The Farmers Bank of Liberty, Liberty, Illinois

First State Bank of Colfax, Colfax, IA

Maxwell State Bank, Maxwell, Iowa

The Citizens Bank, Greensboro, Alabama

The Farmers and Merchants Bank of Craig County, New Castle, VA

Panora State Bank, Panora, IA

Pocahontas State Bank, Pocahontas, IA

Victor State Bank, Victor, IA

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