Marcelle (Markey) Waldorf

Born September 14, 1915 - 1193 Sheridan Avenue in Detroit. In 1917 Mom and Dad bought a farm in Erin Township, which became "The Village of Roseville" in 1926 and later became a city.

 I started school in September of 1921 and stayed there for eight years. In 1929 Mom and Dad sold the farm and moved to Detroit, where I went to Denby High School for four years. I graduated in 1935. I then went to work in a grocery store earning $12 a week.

 I bought a 1929 Model "A" Ford so I could drive my Dad to his farm in Amsden on weekends. In 1936 I was in a bad accident coming back from the farm. After recuperating, I went back to work in the grocery store.

 In 1939 I met Helen, who became my wife in 1940. I started working for Burroughs Corp. in 1946 and retired after 31 years. We built a house in Harper Woods where we have lived for the past 55 years. We raised 17 children and at last count have 43 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

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